Tips and Information

     In order to keep prices low, we often purchase our products from various stores as we are looking for the best deals possible.  To keep shipping fees lower, we have the products shipped directly from our supplier to the customer, instead of having them shipped to us, and then on to the customer.  Unfortunately, this can create an inconvenience for those who must rely on a delivery service that is not in your area.  Taking a 30-45 minute taxi ride to the express mail office on multiple occasions can be frustrating, not to mention a waste of time and money.  Following are some shopping tips you can use to make your shopping more convenient, help you save money, and make your shopping experience more enjoyable.

1.  Purchase in bulk: When ordering one item at a time, you must go to the delivery office each time you receive a package.  If you order 3 of the same item at one time, that cuts your travel time by 66%.  Also, when ordering in bulk, we offer discounts on multiple purchases.
2.  Use our lay-away-plan: Instead of having all the items shipped to you individually, we can have all the items shipped to our ware house, then when all of the items have arrived, we will bulk ship them in one box to your address.  We charge a nominal ¥20 for this service.
3.  Make sure your address is correct: Having to travel long distances to pick up a package can be irritating.  One easy way to solve this is to find the closest delivery service to your house, and have them give you the address that will enable you to pick up your products from that location.